Arrow Graphic Tool

Drawing Arrows on your site map.

It's a great way to show flow and direction for services and crew. The image below show's how easy it is to place an arrow on your map.

About The Arrow Functionality:
  • Arrows can be added to the site map quickly and anywhere on the map.
  • Arrows can be different colors based on the group you place them in.
  • Arrows can be any size and are easily edited for size and orientation.
  • Arrows do not calculate area square footage.
Step-by-step instructions for using the Arrow Tool:
  1. Click the group you want to use for the arrow. (the group will set the color of the arrow)
  2. Click the Arrow Graphic tool symbol on the Tool Strip.
  3. Move your cursor to the map and pick a spot to place your arrow graphic.
  4. Click and Hold your mouse button then Drag the cursor in the direction that you want the arrow to point.
  5. Release the mouse button and you're done. (repeat as needed)
Editing An Existing Arrow

Just in case you're not quite satisfied with this arrow you can edit it.

  1. Click the arrow at the Top of the Tool Strip.
  2. Now click the Arrow on the map, up pops the Edit box, click the Edit tool.
  3. Now the Arrow is surrounded by white squares with a single box at the top.
  4. Click and hold the top box to rotate the arrow and change its orientation
  5. Click and hold one of the other boxes to stretch and enlarge the arrow.

Check out the video below to see an Arrow Tool Tutorial:

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