What Are SmartFactors™ and How Do They Work?

SmartFactors™ are smart production factors. What makes them smart? They are the result of thousands of hours of field work and careful analysis of crew performances factoring:

Speed considerations based on a blend of:

  • machinery
  • technique
  • experience and
  • conditions

SmartFactors™ are automatically included in Instant Estimator™ and are set up for machines and manual services performed at a standardized rate. In addition to the included SmartFactors™, Instant Estimator™ also allows you to create and customize your own to build your perfect estimating system.

Each service has a corresponding SmartFactor™ that automatically applies a time and material estimate to your measurements.

Instant Estimator™ smart production factors and complexity slider

SmartSlider™ (pictured above) lets you tune your SmartFactors™ globally based on the efficiency of crews across your company.

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