New Feature Announcement: Go iLawn ShareView™ (Beta)

ShareView™ lets Go iLawn customers create and share non-editable, yet interactive versions of their projects so non-account holders can see the entire property plan. A new link icon on the map screen allows users to create and copy a view-only sharing link to send to their desired recipients, or deactivate the sharing link when they no longer need others to view the project.

Now you can send a special version of your Go iLawn project to others without an account. Send it to customers, crew members, and anyone else you want to see your project.

1. To enable ShareView, open the project you wish to share with others.
You will see a new icon on the Map screen's left sidebar. Next to "All Changes Saved" at the bottom of the sidebar, click the "Link" icon to activate ShareView™ for the project.



2. Agree to your understanding of ShareView™.
When you click the link icon, you will be prompted with this pop-up. You must agree that you understand that anyone with the link will be able to see a view-only version of your project and its measurements. Click the checkbox and then "Share" to generate your unique sharing link.


3. Copy your link for sharing.
Click the "Copy URL" button to copy the ShareView™ link to your clipboard. From there, you can add it into emails, client profiles in your CRM, text messages, and more! You can also paste it into your own browser tab to preview what your link recipients will see (and, you will be able to confirm that no editing or account information is available to your recipients)!


4. Examine what your link recipients will see.
Keep in mind that Go iLawn does not have version control for your projects. With that being said, any updates you make to the map will be visible to those with your sharing link.

If you want your prospect to only see one specific version of the map and not your continuous updates, create a copy of the project. Share only one project with your client, and continue making edits/adjustments on the copy you do not want them to see.

What your recipient will see:

  • Continuous updates made to the map.
  • All image year views available.
  • Low, Medium, and High Views, as well as our angle views in Low and Medium.
  • Zoom in or out on the property to see small details or the entire job at once.
  • Project name and address.
  • Total Hours (for InstantEstimator™ subscribers).
  • Your Groups with their corresponding measurement values and the colors you set.

What your recipient can NOT see/do:

  • Edit the map or its measurements in any way.
  • Get access to your project id (all sharing links are tokenized, so you do not have to worry about account vulnerabilities).
  • Get access to your other projects.
  • Get access to your account or other company information.


5. See if the project has an active ShareView™ link.
If your project has an active ShareView™ link, you will see a small green light above the link icon in the bottom left corner of your Map screen. This light indicates that ShareView™ is ON.


6. Stop Sharing / Disable ShareView™ Link
To stop sharing for any reason, click the live link icon (live ShareView™ links have a green indicator on the link icon, as discussed above). You will be prompted with a pop-up and must agree that you understand you are disabling the ShareView™ link, and anyone with that link will no longer be able to view that project. Click the checkbox and then "Stop Sharing" to disable the link.


7. What link recipients will see once you Stop Sharing.
To protect your privacy, link recipients will be unable to view your project once you stop sharing. They will see this page.


8. Re-Share a disabled project.
To re-activate a ShareView™ link after you stopped sharing, please return to Step 1. A new link will be generated for you to share with your intended recipients.

Please contact us with any questions!

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