How To Manage Users In Team and Growth Accounts

The Go iLawn and Go iPave Team and Growth plans are multi-user accounts that allow companies to add multiple users to a single account.  The Team account is setup for two users and the Growth account includes access for five users.  Custom plans can add as many as 200 users.

The Account Admin Dashboard

This dashboard is unique to multi-user accounts and provides the administrator the ability to invite and manage users in their account.  The Admin Dashboard also provides key metrics about each of the users, including projects they created, their search use and their date of last activity on the system.  Now lets look at the User Account Types that can be assigned to users.

Admin Account.

The administrator has total control over the account and this includes:

  1. Purchasing - The admin can purchase Search credit packages as needed.
  2. Account Plan - The admin can change the Account Plan from one subscription level to another.
  3. Default Group List - The admin can change and update the Default Group List as well as Global Instant Estimator Settings.
  4. Credit Card information - The admin can change and update credit card information.
  5. Account Name - The admin can change the Account name and admin details.
  6. Admin Screen - The admin can access the Admin Screen.

Admin Account Permission Levels

The admin can grant levels of Permission to each user and they include:

  1. User - Search property, create projects, update projects, tag a project to share with another account user.
  2. Manager - In addition to User functions the Manager can see all Projects created by all the users on the account.
  3. Admin - The admin can assign Admin status to another including all Admin functions as well as Manager and User functions.
  4. Disable - The admin can disable a user name making a slot available for another user invitation.
  5. Invitation - The admin can invite a new user to join the account when a slot is available.
Manager Level Permission Allows:
  • Search property, create projects, update projects and tag projects.
  • View and update all projects created by users on the account.
  • Sort projects on the Project screen by tags to review client maps and user's projects.
  • Assess, critique, and manage user's site maps.
The User Level Permission Allows:
  • Search property, create projects, add Group names to a project, tag projects and update projects.
  • Share an individual project with another user on the account by using the Tag System.

How To Invite A New User To A Multi User Account

Access Admin Screen

The Admin of the account can invite a new user by doing the following:

Step One: Click the Account Drop down menu located in the top right corner of the Go iLawn app (it will have your email address on it).  Select Account Admin" from the drop down options to go to the "Account Admin Dashboard".

Step Two: On the Account Admin Dashboard you'll see an "Add User to Account" form along with the number of open user accounts remaining.  (If you have no users available, you'll need to disable a user or upgrade your account to add more). Type the name and email address of the person you want to invite as a user and click the "send invitation" button.

**Step Three:**The invited user will receive an email Go to the inbox, open the email, click the Set Password button and create the password. Check the spam folder if not delivered to inbox.

How To Change An Existing User's Permission Level Or Disable Them From The Account

Step One:  On the "Account Admin Dashboard" scroll down to the manage user box.  There you'll see all the users on the account and their corresponding account information.

Step Two: Click the User Permission Menu box.

User Permission Menu

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