How do I Print my site map?

How to Print or Save to PDF with Chrome:

  1. Login to your account using the Chrome browser
  2. Click My Projects and select a Project map to work on
  3. Slide your map to the left and adjust the zoom
  4. Click the Print Map button at the bottom of the Left Side Panel (green printer symbol)
  5. Chrome shows you a Preview of your Print.
  6. Click Cancel (if needed) at the Top Left to adjust and center your map for the Preview (favor the Left of your screen)
  7. Click the Print Button again and repeat step #5 if needed to capture your map
  8. Move down the Chrome Preview Left Side Panel and make selections
  9. Use Landscape orientation
  10. Choose Page 1 if you want the site map only
  11. Click More Settings and Locate Scale, adjust to 75 or 80 to pull you map into page 1 completely
  12. Click the Blue Print button at the Top Left
  13. Or click Change (or the printer ID) to switch to Save as PDF, then click Save to choose a folder

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