Copy A Project

Quickly create one or more copies of any project on the same property.

By default, Go iLawn saves your projects so you can go back and edit / update them.  When you update, your latest version is always saved.

But sometimes you may want to keep and refer back to a previous version of the project. Or you may want to have more than one project / map for the same property / job.   The new "Copy Project" functionality makes this possible.

Projects with no copy vs copies

Some Reasons To Make Copies
  • Separate Out Work On Large Jobs. Rather than have one big project map with lots of service groups, you may want to break it up into separate project maps for the same property. For example, you may want a landscape only project / map and snow only project / map for the same property.
  • Archive Specific Jobs. Create a record of past work.  Eg. Save the original work performed in 2017.  Then create a copy to include additional work performed this year.  You can print both to provide your customer (and your operations team) with a past / present visual history of the work you've done on the property.
  • Version Control.  You can retain a master version of a project and make a copy for updating so you don't overwrite the original.
How To Create Project Copies
  1. Chose A Project To Copy: Click the copy icon on any project card in the "my projects" dashboard view.
      Copy a project
  2. Name The Copy: A copy project popup will appear with the name of the project in the text box.  Add a "new project title" (by default it will show the name of the copied project with a (1) next to it).  If you are using the copy as a version, consider using "version..." in the name for organizational purposes.  You can always edit the name of your project copies later.
  3. Check The Approval Box: Checking this box confirms you understand that creating a copy uses a search credit.  If you have no search credits remaining, you will need to buy more before the copy is created.  The number of credits remaining in your account is shown at the top right of the pop-up.
      Copy project pop-up box
  4. Click Copy: Once you check the approval box the "copy" button will activate (turn green) and you can click it to copy the project.  You will then be taken to the "project copy view" which shows all copies associated with the property. (seen in the image below)
    To work with the copied project, simply click on and edit like you would any other project. Even though copies are tied to the same property you can use different tags on any copy to suit your purposes.  (By default, project copies will inherit the tags of the project it was copied from.)  
     Copy and original
  5. See All Copies Of Projects Associated With A Property: After you create a copy of a project, a "see all copies" link will appear on the project card in your dashboard.  Click on it to see a dashboard view of project cards that shows only copies associated with the same property.  You can also enter the address of the property in the search bar to see the same view.

Copy Projects FAQ's

Q: Is There A Limit On The Number Of Copies I Can Make?

A: No. You can make as many as you want.  You can also make copies of your copy's copies. (Wow that's deep!).

Remember, you can easily see how many copies of a project you have for a property by clicking the "see all copies" link that appears on any project card.  (If a project has no copies you will not see the link appear on the card.

Q: Why Am I Charged A Credit To Make A Copy?

A: It may not seem like it, but making a project copy requires us to purchase additional imagery and expend the same resources as making an original.  Therefore we need to charge a credit.

Q: Can I just Use Groups In A Project To Give Me The Same Advantages As Copying A Project?

A: Go iLawn is very flexible. You can use groups as a type of version control.  Eg. If you update a map and want to delete an old section, you could create a group called "Original" and move the section there. That way it would not be deleted (and overwritten by the new saved version) and you could just hide the group from view.

However, that type of solution is tedious for most and can create confusion.  We added the copy feature at the request of dozens of Go iLawn customers who see the value of making separate copies of projects to streamline their measuring and property intelligence.

We hope you like the copy projects feature!  If you have any questions please let us know.  We're always here for you!

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