What Are Templates?

Templates let you quickly change groups in your project.
In Go iLawn:
Project Templates are a predefined collection of groups and subgroups that can be applied to a project map.

In Go iLawn InstantEstimator:
Project Templates are a predefined collection of groups, subgroups, plus their related time and material services that can be applied to a project map.

The Templates feature is in live beta development. 
Currently, templates can only be used on maps that don't have measurements on them.

We welcome your feedback and / or template suggestions here.

How Can I Benefit From Using Templates?

Templates are designed to help you measure, estimate, and win jobs faster by helping you:

  • Quickly add job-specific groups to a project.  Eg.  Measuring a snow removal job has different groups than a landscape maintenance job.  Just click the snow template and your snow specific groups immediately appear.
  • Streamline the measuring process.  Go iLawn prebuilt templates are designed for more efficient measuring and estimating.  We currently have templates for general landscape and snow jobs. Future templates include HOA, Retail and Campus templates.  These templates are optimized to make measuring and estimating large, complex jobs a faster and easier experience.
  • Improve visual communication. Templates are also optimized for visual clarity.  The color palette, opacity, and outline of the shapes in each group is designed to produce visually appealing maps with clear contrasts between types of work.  It helps you better visually communicate the job to customers and crew.
  • Customize your templates. Currently, you can’t change the names of the three beta templates,  but you can customize what’s in them.  If you’re an account administrator, you can add, edit, and eliminate groups, subgroups, and services in any template to create your own custom version.  This can all be done on the account page.  In the future, we will be adding functionality that lets you create your own new custom templates.
Changing Your Default Template
Your default template will automatically be selected and applied to a new project.  It is set to your "Custom Template" by default. 

You can change your default template by going to the account screen. 

Click on the template you want to select it.  Then click the "set to default" box at the bottom right.  A "default" badge will appear in the box of the template you selected.

Next time you create a new project your new default template will automatically be applied.  The example image shows changing the default from "custom" to "snow".
There Are Currently Three Templates To Choose From
  1. Custom Template - The groups saved on your account before the templating feature was released on 9/1/20.  You can edit this template at any time on your account page.
  2. General Mowing - Standard groups and services used for most landscape maintenance work.
  3. Snow - Snow removal specific groups including dumps and directionals.
Applying A Template To A Map
  • The custom template will show by default on any new map.  If you are on a map without any measurements, you can change templates by clicking the template selection drop-down list.
  • If you are on a map with measurements, the template is locked and you will not see the template selection drop-down appear.
  • If you delete all the measurements on the map, the template selection drop-down will activate.
Template Explainer Video
We hope you like the new template feature.

And once again... We welcome your feedback and/or template suggestions here.

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