Instant Estimator and My Projects

Can I estimate my existing Go iLawn Projects?


Instant Estimator will work on your existing projects.

Open an existing Project map, you will notice that your groups will have some additional options when you  open them for styling.

However Instant Estimator allows you to measure and estimate based on the type of mower and services that you want to use when you deliver on the account.

A quick adjustment to the Group List on this Project map and you'll be ready to Instant Estimate on this existing project.

  • Go to the Group List on the Leftside Panel.
  • Click the Pencil just to the right of the Group Name.
  • Change the Group Name by typing over the current name.
  • Select services:
    • Mower size, + Flat Trim Mowable Area
    • Mulching, + Bed Maintenance/Weeding + Mulch Bed Pre-Emergent Application + Edging MUlch Bed + Vertical Edging
    • Pavement Parking, + Blow Area + Truck Plow Parking
    • Pavement- Lanes and Docks, + Truck Plow Parking
    • Sidewalks, Blow Sidewalks + Sidewalk Deicing + Vertical Edging
  • Add Groups at the bottom of the list as needed to Instant Estimate this Project

Now you're ready to convert the Map to calculate using your New Group List.

  • (click on the Pointer at the top of the Tool Strip)
  • Go on the Map and click on a measurement,
    • The Edit box allows you to "Move to Group", select the group that you want the measurement in and its Instantly Estimated.
  • Repeat the "Move to Group" for each measurement to complete the Instant Estimate for this Project

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