Can I Search using Latitude and Longitude (Lat/Long) Coordinates?

You can locate properties with latitude and longitude coordinates in Go iLawn and Go iPave. In order to do this, we recommend retrieving the coordinates from a free mapping site like Google, Bing or Mapquest.

**How to Find Latitude and Longitude Coordinates?   **

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  1. Visit
  2. Type the address in you would like to view.
  3. We recommend verifying the property by clicking on ‘satellite’ at the bottom left of the maps window to ensure it’s the property you’re looking for.
  4. Right Click on the Map and Select the Latitude and Longitude Coordinates from the top of the menu.
  5. The coordinates will be automatically copied to your clipboard.
  6. Go back to Go iLawn or Go iPave and paste the coordinates in the box where you normally type in an address by holding down CTRL key and V key on your keyboard.